Help Tamo Sein Grow Her Hair Back!


Tamo, like many women, suffers with thinning hair and hair loss mostly around the temple area.

Between genetics, hormones and trying products that don’t work and damage hair, Tamo is now the new Female Voice of PAI Medical Group to help other women with thinning hair.

Tamo explains, “I know so many women that struggle with thinning hair and hair loss and no one is talking about it! I’m so honored to be the woman who will not only get this message out there AND also be the one to offer the hope of restoring your hair, like I am, at PAI Medical Virginia.”

“Women try wigs and extensions, which can RUIN your hair! And both men and women try products that not only don’t work but we waste a lot of money on. I’m so glad to have PAI Medical Virginia’s treatments and their new Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy. Both treatments are fast, easy, effective and take about 45 minutes. And with my busy schedule, it’s perfect!”

“If you’re suffering and trying to fix your thinning hair, here’s my message: STOP RIGHT NOW! And schedule a free, consultation with the owner Kelly-Ann. She is so compassionate, reassuring, and informative and will show you on a hair and scalp analysis machine the health of your hair and scalp and what is needed to restore your hair to fuller and thicker hair. Kelly Ann has also had treatment for losing hair after COVID. It’s so great to talk to people who know the frustrations of losing your hair.”

Join Tamo and stay tuned as we show you the results and progress of how PAI Medical Virginia is Growing Tamo’s Hair Back!

About Tamo

Born & raised a Navy Brat and between the Navy and radio I’ve lived all over the place – Virginia, Puerto Rico, Texas, Minnesota, California, and North Carolina! I am the girl who loves to go to a concert, hit up happy hour, and check out new restaurants. But I’m also the girl who loves to be at home with my husband and my Cavalier King Charles, Emma, and cook an amazing dinner and enjoy a bottle of wine. One of my favorite hobbies is creating new cocktail recipes and sharing them on Instagram. I love to travel – we got engaged in Italy, and even flew to Montana to hike Glacier National Park. Life is all about adventure sprinkled with a little sarcasm and tequila.